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Use MyOwnCar to keep track of your motoring assets.

Adding your vehicles

Add vehicle Use the selector provided under Add vehicle to find your car from our exhaustive database of new and old UK vehicles.
Our system has all the data for most UK vehicles. Once you have added your car, it will figure out all the tax details (such as the tax disc figures) and technical details like official MPG and CO2 values.

My vehicles

This is the list of your cars. You can access the full vehicle panel by clicking on the picture. Direct access to the most used tools is also provided.

Add a fuel purchase, so that you can keep track of your fuel expenses and also figure out your actual MPG. Use either your computer or your smartphone to quickly add the data from your receipt into MyOwnCar.
Add a journey, and get your business mileage claim form whenever you want, or just to keep track of your personal mileage. You don't need to write down your odometer mileage on a notebook anymore, just fill in the data before getting out of your car using your smarthpone.
Move your vehicles around to sort them conveniently.

Vehicle panel

The vehicle panel is composed of modules that contain relevant information about one particular aspect of your vehicle.

Managing your modules

Edit the permanent details of a module. You will then be prompted to Save or Cancel any changes.

Items that form a record

Within most of the modules, you can Add new item. These are found in modules which contain items that form a record.

Edit an item in a record.
Delete an item in a record.
Save changes to an item that is being edited.
Cancel changes made to an item that is being edited.


For items such as MOT, insurance policy, warranty, etc. we can remind you when the expiry date is coming up. You can choose, for each reminder, the following settings:

Notification period: the month before, the week before and/or the day before.
Send reminder by e-mail: we will send you a reminder to your email address with the details of the upcoming details of what you need to check out soon. You can change the address where you want receive reminders in your personal profile.
Show alert on page: when you log into MyOwnCar, you will see an alert on both your vehicles list and on the vehicle panel.

Modules in the vehicle panel

Each vehicle panel is composed of modules that contain relevant information about one particular aspect of your vehicle. Click on the module titles to learn more about them.

MOT Test record

Get your MOT date due, as well as the earliest date you can present your vehicle for test to preserve the anniversary of the expiry date, based on your MOT history record and the registration date of the vehicle.

VED (tax disc)

Everything about your future and past vehicle tax payments

Technical details

All the technical details of your vehicle from the manufacturer or user-generated.

Fuel cost

Use this module to keep track of your fuel purchases. Then go to Fuel & Emissions Summary module and you will be able to calculate your fuel expenses, as well as compare your actual MPG against the official figures.
Use either your computer or your smartphone to quickly add the data from your receipt into MyOwnCar.
You need to enter all your purchases if you want to get accurate figures.

Fuel & Emissions summary

This module uses the data from the Fuel cost module to calculate your actual MPG, CO2 emissions and cost per mile.
Select a data period, click on Load data, and get your results in the table below or in a convenient graph.

Journey log

Keep track of you personal and business journeys. You can use your smartphone to fill in the data of your journeys wherever you are.
You can also add your mileage allowance information to get a business mileage claim form easily and quickly.


Make sure you use your warranty: it could be worth a lot to you or a future owner provided you know about it.
We can send you a reminder before expiry so that any outstanding work can be done in time at no charge.


Get reminders when your insurance expiry date is coming up so you have time to research the best renewal.

Service & Repair

Don't miss your next scheduled service by setting up a reminder.
You can also keep a record of your previous services.

Breakdown cover

Store here all the information about your current breakdown cover and get a reminder before it expires.

Maintenance checks

Write down the maintenance details that you often need to have to hand.
Keep a record of your latest personal maintenance checks and write down any comment that you need to tell to your engineer in your next service.


Write down any faults to take them along with you on your next visit to your garage or on your warranty claim.


Original pricing and taxes, and company car tax figures (if it applies)


You can store here a collection of links related to your car, such as the manufacturer's website or, if you are trying to sell your vehicle, its profile on any automotive trading website.